CMRL-1066 w/o L-Glutamine


CMRL-1066 w/o L-Glutamine.

Pack: 4 X 500ml bottle

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CMRL-1066 w/o L-Glutamine,

CMRL-1066 w/o L-Glutamine.

CMRL-1066 is a chemically defined medium developed in the late 1960’s at the Connaugh Medical Research Laboratories. CMRL-1066 was designed initially for use with mouse L-cells in non-supplemented culture. Although developed for use in serum-free culture, CMRL-1066 can be supplemented with serum and used to support the growth of many cell types. Suitable for growing a wide variety of cell types, especially fibroblast-like cells. Storage 2-8°C.


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