Why you should culture your cells in 3D Models VS 2D Models

Posted on January 13 2016

Human Brain Microvascular Endothelia cells in a 2D model

Human Brain Microvascular Endothelia cells in a 3Dmodel


Our 3D Tissue Model

​Alphabioregen scientists understand that in living tissue cells exist in Three Dimensional micro environments, which enhances cell to cell interaction via extra cellular matrix. Standard monolayer or 2D cell cultures are inadequate representation of these environments, which makes them an unreliable predictor of in vivo drug efficacy and toxicity. Our goals are " MOVING RESEARCH FROM 2D TO 3D.

We understand a 3D model resemble in vivo tissue in terms of cellular communication and development of extracellular matrices.

Theses models help to migrate within the matrices, mimicking a living tissue. Moreover, cells that are grown in a 3D Model exhibit different gene expression than those in 2D models.

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