Moving Research from 2D to 3D – Our mission is to transform your research from 2D formats to 3D formats and hence we manufacture 3D supporting products, including 3D human and animal tissues, which have attributes of high reproducibility, efficient working and represent human biology in its true essence.


We founded Alphabioregen in 2015 in Boston, Massachusetts. It is a regenerative medicine-based biotechnology company, which is specialized in providing latest and unique approaches for 3D technologies in tissue culture.


We never compromise on the quality of products and keep our focus to maintain high-level integrity and performance in our products. We work dedicatedly to fulfil the expectations and demands of our customers and partners.


From the last few years, we are serving in the field of life sciences specifically in biotechnology, providing the best quality products for research and diagnostics. We are currently operating in more than 13 countries of Europe, Africa and East Asia through our distributors. Our commitment to innovation has enabled us to develop cost-effective and latest technologies that not only accelerate but also elevate the research in life sciences.


We are offering almost 200 different products under eight major categories including 3D supporting materials, 3D tissue models, human and animal cells, medium and reagents, antibodies, staining kits and purification beads. For the ease of our customers we provide reagents in various concentrations so they can choose as per their requirements. We also make customized media, buffers and reagents, depending upon your specific requirements.


Working on 3D human tissues and models is not possible without 3D supporting materials. Alphabioregen provides you with the excellent 3D supporting materials including bio gels based on extracellular matrix acting as structural and biochemical supporting materials in 3D tissue models. We also produce collagen-based bio gels, retrieved from bovine, rats and humans, in different compositions and concentrations, having multiple modules like soft gels, hydrogels, plate coated gels to provide the required support in the tissue models like cell communication, cell adhesion and differentiation, stiffness regulation, maintains tissue softness. These gels and 3D supporting materials are used for a broad spectrum of 3D tissue models, overcoming the flaws and bringing advancement to the life science research.

Medium and Reagents

Medium and Reagents play an indispensable role in the success of the research, as they are required in specific concentrations, having specific chemical compositions and precise pH values. We offer a vast range of medium and reagents which majorly include alpha neutral gel (a Tris-HCl base product), AlphaBioCoat and Alpha-Co-Culture medium which is used to culture human fibroblast and HUVECs. We also export special cell detachment solution under the name of AlphaBioDetach which is a mixture of proteolytic and collagenolytic enzymes successfully alternating the trypsin/EDTA method for detaching cells.

We deal with a variety of different medium including Ames Medium w/L-Glutamine which support retinal and CNS tissues in vitro, Astrocyte Basal Medium use to grow human brain astrocytes, Basal medium used for growth of chick fibroblast, stem cells and CHO cells, blood brain barrier growth and transportation media. For the growth and calcification of cartilaginous embryonic bone cultures we have BGJb Medium Modified w/o L-Glutamine.

We provide CMRL different combinations containing L-glutamine and without L-glutamine while containing calcium, glucose, phenol red depending upon the type of cells and majorly used for cultivation of fibroblast-like cells. We also provide Dulbecco’s MEM (DMEM) in different formulations, with or without glucose and L-glutamine and with low glucose concentrations as well used for a wide range of cells and cell lines including primary fibroblasts, neurons, glial cells, HUVECs, and smooth muscle cells and HeLa.

Dulbecco’s MEM (DMEM) Ham’s F-12 is also available in different compassion containing specific amino acids and glucose concentrations used specifically for primary rat hepatocytes, rat prostate epithelial cells, mouse and chicken cells. We also trade in endothelial and epithelial growth medium. Fischer’s medium, different concentration of keratinocyte basal medium and Leibovitz L-15 medium.

Animal cell lines

Alphabioregen’s animal cell lines are produced by proficient scientists comprehending aortic, lung, skeletal, cardiac, glomerular, pulmonary and retinal microvascular endothelial cells which are retrieved from bovine, mouse, rat and porcine.
For researching on diseases like leukemia, neuroblastoma, for testing the effects of recombinant proteins, enzymes, drugs and for the production of vaccines, antibodies, these cell lines provide excellent platform.

Our cell lines have high reproducibility and indemnity of giving positive excellent results and assist you to reach your goals.

Human cells

Human cell lines act as workhorse in life science research when it comes to identifying, interrogating, and discovering the problems, mechanisms, effects of drugs/proteins on cells. For decades human cell lines have been utilizing for the preclinical trials of drugs as well. We know the importance of the human cell lines and our scientists craft and cultivate them in best possible ways. We are producing human cells under five major categories. Human endothelial cells include neuron cells, brain microglia cells, iliac artery endothelial cells, primary schwann cells, coronary artery, blood cells, bladder cells.

RFP human cells contain brain microvascular, retinal microvascular cells and neonatal dermo fibroblast, which gives of fluorescent to detect viable cells and used in diseases analysis.

We are synthesizing GFP human cell lines, astrocytes and pericyte cell lines as well. These cell lines provide the fine environment and cell systems for studying neurobiology, neuroinflammation, angiogenesis, cancers, malignant and benign tumors of different stages, neurodegenerative diseases include Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer disease. Drug development, testing and pre-clinical trials are also experimented on these cell lines.

3D tissue models

Moving research from 2D to 3D is the aim of company and to accomplish that we are crafting the best 3D tissue models. We specialize in providing you with a unique approach to 3D tissue engineering helping your specific research goals. Our team of experts developed three-dimensional models of human skin, skin cancer, human neuronal branching, human HUVECs angiogenesis, blood brain barrier (BBB), human glomerular microvascular angiogenesis.

We also make green fluorescent protein tagged 3D models including lymphatic endothelial, human retinal and human pancreatic microvascular endothelial angiogenesis. These models function like native tissues and mimic the living system and also provide a means for systematic and pharmacodynamic analysis of drugs.

These 3D tissues models provide you an insight to study a vast range of diseases and processes oh human body like axonal degeneration, multiple sclerosis, nerve regeneration, HIV encephalitis, neuromyelitis optica, angiogenesis, tumor invasion, late-stage neurological trypanosomiasis and progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy.

Western Blot Antibodies

We excel in the formation of monoclonal antibodies and offering seventeen different kinds of antibodies in lyophilized form with concentration of 100µg/ml. The manufactured antibodies are tested with western blot (WB), immunocytochemistry (ICC) and Immunohistochemistry (IHC) in human, mouse, rat and bovine tissues. We claim that our antibodies have zero cross reactivity with other proteins. Also, we provide carrier free antibodies upon request.

Cell Staining Kits

We have developed different cell staining kits which are efficient and promising to give excellent results. We have manufactured Cell Counting Kit-8 (CCK-8) comprised of ready to use solution made up WST-8, MTT Assay Kit constituting MTT and formazan solutions, WST-1 Assay Kit utilizing tetrazolium salt WST-1 and Neutral Red Assay Kit constituting neutral red dye and these colorimetric assays are used for measuring cell proliferation and cytotoxicity levels. We are also producing Trypan Blue Staining Cell Viability Assay Kit which is used to detect viable cells.

Antibody purification beads

Antibody purification beads provide a rapid and efficient method for purification of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies. Our team of experts synthesize four different categories of purification beads which include anti-mouse, anti-rabbit, protein A and protein G beads. We are utilizing CNBr-activated SepharoseTM 4FF beads, which are 45–165μm in size, have a highly cross-linked agarose structure, bind with 4-7 mg IgG per ml and have beads concentrations 1-2mg/ml.
The sepharose beads are coated with their specific anti IgGs and proteins and efficiently do the antibody purification.